In 1975 Lucy Sibeko was born. She fell pregnant at the age of sixteen but gave her child up for adoption because she could not raise the baby on her own, she did not know the baby’s father. The Dlamini family adopted the child and she was named Thandeka Dlamini. Thandeka became the second child of the Dlamini family. Sadly, in 2010 Mr and Mrs Dlamini died in a car crash.

Lwazi Dlamini, also known as Lucky was 19 when their parents died and was the heir of the family. He had a grudge against Thandeka because his parents were always more fond of her. Lucky was not a responsible person and did not do well in his matric year. He dropped out whereas Thandeka passed her matric with five distinctions and always took responsibility for herself.

When Lucky took over the family business he did not pay his employees in time and always spent the money on partying. One day when Thandeka came home from campus she found chaos in the house as people were dancing on tables, smoking weed and drinking to the music that was a disturbance to everyone in the neighbourhood. She put an end to the music and kicked everyone out. This angered Lucky and the two had an argument.

“You can’t tell me what to do and how to live my life!” he shouted.

Thandeka began to cry and whispered, “Lwazi, my brother…”

“Don’t brother me! I’m not your brother and I was never your brother. I want you out first thing in the morning.” He hissed.

The next morning Thandeka used her mother’s suitcase to pack her stuff and she found a small box inside the suitcase with a letter:

Dear Thandeka, I know that if anything happened to your father you will be left alone. If this truly happens, please go and look for Lucy Sibeko ain Johannesburg in Alexander who is your real mother. Love you always, your mother.

Thandeka packed her stuff in shock and went straight to Johannesburg. When she arrived in Alexander, it was late and she was scared that thugs could take advantage of her. She then went to inquire about Lucy. Lucy was well known in the community so it was not long before she found her house. She was rich but for all the wrong reasons as she was involved with drug dealing and even human trafficking.

When Thandeka arrived at Lucy’s place there were many young girls who were beautiful, but all intoxicated. Lucy
welcomed her thinking she was part of the other girls. She asked a waiter to get her a drink, they drugged the drink but before she could drink it she left because her phone rang. After answering the call she used one of the rooms to sleep and waited until the morning to deliver the news to Lucy.

In the middle of the night all the gorgeous young girls who were drinking earlier had passed out and were now being sold.

In the morning, Lucy woke up and went to the kitchen to make herself breakfast. She found Thandeka’s suitcase still in the kitchen. She went through it and found a photo album of the Dlamini family and Thandeka as a baby given over for adoption. It was then that she realised that the girl she had welcomed to the party last night was her one and only daughter.

She went crazy and could not handle the pressure, she then tried to commit suicide. When Thandeka woke up, she found her hanging from the kitchen ceiling she dropped her cellphone and screamed for help. Lucy was taken to the hospital and they could help her in time. The next day, Thandeka visited her with food to eat. After a few hours she woke up and saw Thandeka beside her holding her hand.

“My child, I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“It’s OK mother, it really is OK.” Thandeka replied.

They smiled and hugged each other.

The next day Lucy was discharged from the hospital and went home and started to bond with her child. After six days Thandeka received a call from one of her friends in Durban telling her that the Dlamini house was bought and there will be an auction in the next two days for selling the Dlamini businesses due to Lucky’s behavior and because he wasn’t responsible .

Thandeka asked her mother Lucy to got to Durban so that they can win the auction. Lucy agreed and they went there and they won the auction. Lucky was left with nothing and ended up on the streets and Thandeka and her mother Lucy now own the business in Durban and also in Joburg. Lucy also turned her life around and stopped the human trafficking.


Tell us what you think:What do you think would’ve happened had Thandeka drank the drugged drink?