The story that I heard has changed my life and the lives of others. When the great hero was born he had the courage to change the nation for the better. A man who was determined to instill leadership, activism, bravery and confidence to the young minds. A man who inspired the young people to stand and fight against the inequalities in education, and that man was Steve Bantu Biko.

Through the history books I’ve learnt that Biko mobilised young people to participate in fighting the past education system of South Africa. And this shows that he stood up for what he believed was right. As South Africa went through the dark phase of Apartheid, Biko was moved by the brutalities of Apartheid and stood in to stop the fight. He was courageous.

He brought young people to follow in his steps rather than fearing for their own struggle. Through his bravery he went on to establish the South African Student Organisation that allowed students to voice out the critical issues in education. Still today the legacy of Steve Biko lives on as students are able to voice out issues in education, such as the establishment of the Fees Must Fall campaign.

Steve Biko was also a generous person who developed underprivileged communities. He gave in to the needy in local communities. Through his generous tendencies he established the Zanempilo Community Health Care Centre, which was aimed at improving the physical health of local communities. He was very generous that he was able to bring services to underprivileged communities.

Biko once said, “People must not give into hardships of life, people must develop hope.”

He inspired people to have hope in every situation. The ideologies of Steve Biko have impacted on my life as a young person. They taught me to have a positive mind and always stand up for what is right. Many young people have learnt many things from him such as leadership and courage.

To my great hero Steve Biko, it is very unfortunate that you’re no longer in existence to witness the new South Africa today. The South African nation eventually acquired freedom and education became much better. Your strength and dedication did not go to waste because your ideologies still live on. Your legacy is passed on from generation to generation. Your inspiration has brought light to young people to believe into something that has existed. You left behind a mark of positivity, courage and bravery which even today people are inspired by. You’re a hero, a person who is not afraid to stand up and shout for righteousness. As young people we shall continue to celebrate you, because you taught us about leadership and courage. We still admire you as someone who stood up in the face of danger to free us from our comfort zones.

Steve Biko was a great hero who taught young people about courage and leadership, to fight against the critical issues of their country and also helped the underprivileged communities with social services. Steve Bantu Biko is a great hero.