I will go by the name Jody. My life has so many obstacles, never in my life have I felt this way before, it could be that I am feeling sad, angry, depressed or stressed, my life definitely feels like a mess.

They say, β€œthe grass is greener on the other side,” but not for me. Every day is a struggle.
When do things get better? How long does it take for things to get back to normal? Why me? Why do I have to go through all this? I have so many questions. I am not okay.

I believe that there are so many people that feel the way I do, wishing there is a way out and there is nobody that could understand this. That’s why I pray every day to God to lift this burden off my shoulders, God is my way out.

I have no choice but to turn to God. Only He can take this pain away, even though it takes weeks, months, years. I am sure the grass will get greener on the other side.


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