Her reaction was a mixture of sorrow and anger; tears streamed down her chicks and thudded on her full-breasted chest.

We could hear the pitter-patter of rain on our roof, thunder boomed and raged with a diabolical gust. Even my brother, known for his bravery, was also horrified as the weather changed. The rain poured cats and dogs, as the saying goes. Eventually the power cut, due to the extreme weather conditions.

We decided to use a paraffin stove so that we can cook our food. I tried to put off the paraffin stove but failed dismally. I ended up using a cup of petrol and the fire sparked. We all escaped, stumbling in fear away from the burning house. The whole house was enveloped in flames. And the blaze was being fanned by the wind from the easterly direction.

Our neighbours barricaded our yard others having buckets of water and others having branches of trees in trying to tame the blaze. But it was an uphill task, since the fire reached it’s highest peak. Our mansion of a home was reduced into cinders. The flowers, which covered our house, perished.

The fire brigade responded very late but they managed to evacuate my sister who suffered some severe burns on her left thigh. The police came and took some statements. A feeling of apprehension rippled through my body as Inspector Baloyi asked inquisitively what caused the blaze with a face that a zealous geography teacher would liken to an earthquake. Nervous quavers entered my voice as l failed to explain the entire event.

Two dubious guys then started to ask rhetorical and mocking questions and people were angry and started to brutally stone them. There were serious injuries. The ambulance came again to take those injured to hospital. Millions of ideas flooded our minds. Our hearts pounding with fear and fatigue as l stared at what was left of our house with pure animosity. I started to think that our ancestors gave us a cold shoulder. Bear in mind that our belongs were nowhere to be found.

While sleeping in my neighbours house l tip toed to the window and was welcomed by the bright sun, realising l was late. I fumbled for my watch. Somebody was at the gate, knocking, wearing an immaculate dress, her face thrilled. It was my friend Selina. Tears of joy trickled down my cheeks as I ran by to the gate. I was welcomed with tickets to the United Kingdom where l was supposed to study nursing. All the fussing around was no longer needed and the following day was the one to fly.

I realised that sometimes life isn’t fair.


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