The struggles of Timothy Phahlamohlaka in Regae Village, Zebediela, have led to positive changes for not merely his life but also his community. His efforts which have widely been seen in the previous eight years have contributed to the improved development of Regae’s welfare. He has fought for the poor and everyone by putting his life in constant danger, so that his desired outcomes could manifest. Timothy has always been destined to achieve political power, publish a book for political freedom and free the suffering inhabitants of his village from poverty.

He has shown his continued passion for the fight of poverty and suffering in Regae and support to councillor Chauke in his reign from 2010 to 2018, who has led to the village’s slight improvements. With his support for the local ANC party and being nominated as a leader who is responsible for water maintenance in Regae, Timothy has always ensured that every household in the community had water. In 2014, while Chauke still had the councillor chair, he participated in a protest with a movement that was formed by communities of the three villages: Regae, Elandskraal, and Morarela. This movement was formed because the villages spent approximately two months without water. In 2015, along with his community members, he joined Regae Taxi drivers who were protesting as the local government ignored their requests for road maintenance. In this protest, he got arrested and spent two days in prison.

Despite losing the next councillor elections in Regae, Timothy continued to combat the struggles of his community. He has shown support to the new councillor by continuing to inform the community about arranged meetings using a car that travelled almost each street with a loud speaker. His fight for water maintenance has not ended here, but he even managed to provide each section of Regae two or more green water tanks. People in the community also know him as “Ngwato wa meetsi” – Ngwato who provides water. During Mabaso’s reign, Timothy showed me his unpublished manuscript titled “Leadership” which discusses his most favourite line “education does not only mean one must be in possession of big university degrees” but “one must read to lead”.

In 2022 he was elected as the councillor of Regae Village. He didn’t hesitate but ensured that he publishes his now published book: The Leadership: Guidelines. As the book’s introduction states, the book “provides you with essential leadership knowledge; the author details the steps that one can take to become a good leader.” As he prioritises his community before his personal growth, prior to the publication of his book he finalised the campaign of improving his community’s infrastructure. In the same year he came into power, tar roads were made in the interior dusty roads of Regae. Praises from his community have not halted since the successful installation of tar roads in the heart of the village.

Timothy has indubitably contributed to the development of Regae, and many continue to say, “praises suit him”. His passion and resilience have led him to who he is today and still leading him to what he is becoming in the future. He continues to inspire many individuals, especially the youth of his community. Some might say his disadvantaged background influenced him to be politically enthusiastic, but that does not dispute the fact that he is capable of instilling change in people’s lives. His efforts have really not gone in vain. His success should be celebrated.