Nowadays for things to be a little bit easier, we are able to speak and write English. Even though that’s not the only way to do things, it is helpful. But my point of view is that English is just a language like any other. Yet the majority of us seem to treat it as if it is the measure of intelligence, which it is not.

There’s nothing that says when you are able to speak English fluently you are clever, but many of us have that mentality. You can speak English very well, but still struggle with most of the things in life like managing your money.

Then there comes the person who can’t even pronounce the word “mechanism”, but have the ability to use his/her brain to live. The person can be successful as much as the one who speaks English well. The thing is that people who can’t speak English well shouldn’t be underestimated.


Tell us: Do you agree that speaking English fluently doesn’t measure intelligence?