Ash was born in a farm and lived with both his parents and his little sister Candice. He liked motorcycles just like his father. Ash started school with his sister at the closest town from where they lived, SYF (Start Your Future) Primary School in Brooklyn. They had transport which took them to school every morning.

Ash had a classmate who was obsessed with motorcycles just like him, Jason. Jason lived in a small town in Brooklyn with his father and he drove a motorcycle to school. When Ash started high school he went to TA (Te Amo) High School next to Brooklyn.

Ash still took the same transport with his sister to school and it made him late because his school was some distance away. On his first day he was late and his new teacher understood. He was in a class of 21 learners and one of them was his former classmate Jason. “What a coincidence,” said Ash.

They started chatting and sharing new motorcycle pictures they downloaded from the internet. When school came out Ash and Jason stood at the gate waiting for Ash’s transport, Jason was sitting on his bike chatting with his friend Ash. They ran out of conversation and Ash asked for a ride from Jason and Jason did not refuse.

Ash called his driver and told him he was on his way home so the driver should not bother picking him up today. On their way to Ash’s home an incident happened. Jason lost control of his motorcycle and they ran over a horse and trailer truck. Boom! They never survived the crash; they both passed away.

Ash’s parents put the blame on Ash’s driver and Jason’s father. The driver felt guilty and committed suicide. The driver’s family went to apologize to both families on behalf of the driver.