A female doctor who goes by the name Getrude is taking care of Calvin who’s left alone in the house. Calvin was told by his mother not to visit her at hospital. She left the young man with enough money and food to eat. The mother thought she would be discharged soon; she didn’t know that she would not be discharged till her blood pressure was at a lower level.

The ten year old Calvin went to hospital on his own using a taxi because he was anxious. So he made his own decision to go and pay his mother a visit. He got there and met this kind doctor who liked children. The doctor told her friends and secretary that she would take good care of the boy and so they agreed.

She left with the boy.

Two weeks later the doctor and Calvin had gone to Mabunda’s Place for dinner. Suddenly Calvin fell to the floor. She called for assistance and took Calvin to hospital. Calvin was not breathing at that moment.

Unfortunately Calvin died and everyone thought he was poisoned. The case was investigated after a few days. They found out that it was the day God had reserved for Calvin to pass on and Getrude was not guilty.