When I was in university, I knew many beautiful Christian girls. There was this particular Christian girl who was outstanding. All the young men wanted to be in a relationship with her and marry her. She received many letters from many young men. She simply read every letter and made fun of the people who had written to her. She would show the letters to her friends and they would have a good laugh.

Eventually she left the university and fewer and fewer young men were interested in her. At one point, no one proposed to her anymore.

As the years went by, she became desperate and decided to join a church where the pastor had no wife.

After some time she realised that the pastor was not noticing her so she decided to dance in front of him during the praise and worship service, but he still did not notice her.

Eventually, she decided to go and propose to the pastor herself. She went up to him and said, โ€œI would like to marry you. Will you marry me or not?โ€

But he did not want to marry her. How embarrassed she was. What a shame! Someone who was desired by so many people now had no one who loved her and wanted her.

You see, if you reject great love you will one day regret it.


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