According to the World Economic Forum, China has gained control over the COVID-19 outbreak and is now sending aid abroad. These efforts could lead to China assuming a global leadership role amid the pandemic, some experts argue.

It is widely noted, how China managed to systematically prioritise human lives over profit and undoubtedly put first the nations stability above economic interests. As a matter of fact; the country has since turned the tables by gaining a measure of control over the outbreak – even drawing people from the west in search of safety. This displays a style of leadership that China is producing, and that is self-leadership. Self-leadership is how a nation leads itself to obtain the outcomes it desires.

This means we can also be informed in Africa, that we are capable to flatten the curve through stringent measures, and that requires self-discipline and self-determination to aspire to have our normal lives resume.

How do we recover from this pandemic?

Firstly, we ought to admit that as South Africans and the globe at large, that we should be quarantining ourselves and secondly applying all disciplinary actions to keep ourselves hygienic.

What is the way forward?

Currently, we have the lockdown extended in South Africa which was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa recently. This announcement comes from the government’s decision to flatten the curve because South Africa had 4 996 cases of the coronavirus, although now there are 7220 cases, 2746 recoveries and 138 deaths.

Despite all of this, we are presented with the opportunity to personally be in lockdown within ourselves, to reflect, improve and embark on a journey of self-development.

The question of how self-development and self-discovery looks is solely up to you.

In conclusion, the decision is yours to make, either you will be an optimist who sees an opportunity out of this difficult situation, or you will be a pessimist who sees struggles in everything.


Tell us: What have you been doing during the lockdown?