“I’m so sorry daddy! I will do whatever you want me to do. I don’t want Hope to grow up without a mother! I’m so sorry.”

They say there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but, as for me, I think there will still be darkness at the end of the tunnel.

Those words were stuck in my head! I was begging for my life – begging for my son’s life. Have you ever been broken to a point where you’re numb? To the point where you can’t feel the pain anymore because it has become a norm to you physically, emotionally and sexually?

My father sold me to a 50 year old man. My own biological father sold me! I’m a victim of rape. I was raped by my father and his friends. After two months, I fell pregnant, and at the time I didn’t even know who the father of my baby was. I didn’t have an abortion though, and, as much as my son was a product of rape, I just fell in love with him from the first moment I saw him. I named him Hope because I had hope that my life would change, but I guess I counted my eggs before they hatched.

Right after I gave birth I was kicked out of my home and had no place to stay. A few months later I found out that the man that my father had sold me to was Mr Vincent Williams. He also abused me physically, emotionally and sexually, to a point where I felt numb. I sunk into depression and started having suicidal thoughts. What’s worse is that I could hear Hope’s screams every time that old man would have his way with me. I couldn’t cry, move or utter a single word each time because there was this big lump in my throat.

God please accept me in heaven as I prepare to take my and Hope’s lives. God I’m broken beyond repair. My name is Rose, and I’m a dead rose.


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