“I saw your ex today, he has changed, I heard it in his words and his action complement his words. He is a good guy now. I think you should forgive him, I know you still love him. And he is what he is today because of you, you can’t let another woman enjoy the fruit of your labour…” she said.

I sighed and responded, “He is a good guy now because he now knows that cheating can cost him a good woman! And he will lose that woman to a much better man, and that’s what changed him. Not that he finally knows that cheating is unacceptable, he knew that a long time ago and still cheated – not once but thrice! If I take him back I will be showing him that cheating is forgivable, you see that is why cheats keep on cheating because they know they’ll be forgiven and he’s got nothing to lose.

Yes I get jealous and sad knowing that another woman will enjoy the fruit of my labour but it’s fine for my own sake I had to leave anyway. Not everyone is meant to stay in our lives some are here to teach us a lesson or two and then go.

Every time I think of taking him back I remember that he is the good guy he is today because of the decision I took. If I reverse it I’ll be teaching him that cheating is forgiven. Because I still love him and sometimes I have doubts in my decision. But love sometimes is not enough and I remember how I felt the day I found out about his cheating. I remember how heavy and painful my heart was and I softly ask myself is he worth it?”

She just looked away and nodded…


Tell us: Do you believe that ‘once a cheat always a cheat’?