What you’re about to witness is merely based on opinion rather than fact.

Prince was just an ordinary boy who grew up in a semi-village located near Pretoria. He grew up having everything from his rich family. This made him feel like he was more special than the children around his village. He was a grumpy, stubborn and reckless child. Even children around his home and those miles away knew what kind of a person he was; Prince would never play with anyone around.

Every morning school children would walk 20km to be at their respective classes, but that was not the case for little Prince; his father was like his personal driver. Every morning his father would take him to school and fetch him again after school, and he never missed a day, he was always on schedule.

“Prince, yesterday you told me that you had homework from two subjects. But I didn’t see you doing any of your homework,” his father said one morning on their way to school.

“Yeah, yeah I had homework. But the thing is that I was kinder-tired yesterday,” answered Prince.

“But looking at what you were doing yesterday, one would have assumed that you were energetic and normal,” said his father.

“Yeah just as I was trying to pull myself together, I felt asleep. But I promise you that this kinder thing won’t happen again. And from now on when I get to class, I promise that I’ll try my best to be on the same level as the other pupils and I’ll do my homework.”

“You better do that if you want to see yourself in my good books,” exclaimed his father.

When he got to school he ran to his class.

“Jack… Jack. Did you do my homework?” whispered Prince.

“Yes I’m done with it. Here are your books,” said Jack.

Jack was a boy not far from Prince’s neighbourhood. He was poor and was one of the top students in the school. His class teacher, Mr Maimane, was the one who kept Jack’s spirits high by constantly motivating him and tutoring him during the weekends. Jack grew up without knowing his parents; they died in a car crash while he was at the tender age. He was staying with his grandmother who was now approaching eighty.

Jack did all of Prince’s homework with the promise of a big reward. He needed the money and the work was easy for him as it helped him learn and study at the same time. Prince managed to pass and graduate from high school but didn’t get marks to get to university. His family owned a big company so Prince worked in the family business. Jack managed to secure a bursary allowing him to study in the UK.

Jack enrolled for Chemical Engineering and during his first year he did exceptional well, even the company that offered him a bursary were captivated with his results. Jack was highly motivated by success and he completed his studies in time. Instead of working he opted to get his doctorate and the company paid for it.

On his graduation his ninety year old grandmother was present. Her eyes filled with tears of joy at seeing her only grandson now being called a doctor. After all the struggles they endured together, it was now time for Jack to shine like the stars shinning in the middle of the night. Jack was soon appointed as a head of research by the company that offered him a sponsorship.

Prince’s life wasn’t getting brighter.

He failed to secure a multimillion investor, and because of the pressures, he became more reckless, stubborn and grumpy. His behaviour impacted the image of the company negatively. Things became worse when workers responded with a strike requesting a wage increase. Management failed to meet the demands of the workers, and that resulted in a four-month strike. Investors were now pulling out and the company was in a critical state.

Just as the strike was settled, and it was back to business, another tragedy struck. The co-founder suffered a heart attack and died. Prince lost his father and was now left with a mammoth task of running the company. It was his childhood dream; to one day, but now it was a challenge as the company was nearly at the state of bankruptcy.

After eleven months of trying, the company was declared bankrupt.


Five years later life was hard for Prince. His mother was very ill and they were running out of money. Prince had applied for work in various companies but had yet to get a response. Things were not looking good.

One day as he was visiting his mom in hospital he got a call.

“Can I speak to Prince De Beer, please?” said the caller.

“Yes, you’re speaking to him.”

“Prince, I am calling from The Institution of Research and Technology. We’d like for you come for an interview today at 12:00. Can you be there?”

“Yes, I’ll be there and you won’t regret this,” said Prince in excitement.

“Thank you, see you there,” said the woman and ended the call.

He shared the news with his mom and went home to prepare for the interview.

When he got to the reception he was approached by the unusual man but Prince didn’t recognise him.

“Hello, I think I have seen you somewhere. Aren’t you…” start the man, but Prince interrupted him and was very rude to the stranger.

The stranger apologised and went on his way.

“So Mr De Beer, do you know the man you were talking to?” asked the receptionist.

“Please I’ve got an interview to attend to, so do mind if I can be on my way?” said Prince a little annoyed.

The receptionist apologised and let him get on his way.

my apologies sir said the receptionist.

“You may come in and take a seat sir, Dr Williams will be here soon,” another receptionist said on the floor Prince was to have his interview on.

As she sat, he felt like he knew the surname Williams, but he couldn’t remember where from.

When Dr Williams came to get him, Prince couldn’t his eyes. Dr Williams was the man Prince had been rude to.

“Dr Williams, I’m so sorry about earlier…” Prince apologised.

“No problem Prince, I understand you are feeling a little pressure,” Dr Williams said offering him a sit in his office. “You don’t recognise me, do you?” asked the doctor in a humorous tone and Prince shook his head. The doctor went on with the interview.

“Prince, we earmarked you as one of the potential applicants because we believe that you have the necessary experience and skills for this job considering you’re a family business,”

“Yes, Dr Williams,” Prince said trying to sit comfortably.

“No, you can call me Jack,” said Dr Williams.

“You… Jack…?” Prince was shocked. “Oh no ways, Jack Williams? You mean that’s you man…?”

“Yeah, that’s me Prince. I’m the Head of the Department of Research and acting Vice President of the company. My duty is to screen all potential applicants and insure we choose who has what it takes to take the company forward and if we are investing in the right resource.”

“Yes, Dr… I mean, Jack. I have what it takes,”

“I know, and I hope you’ll deliver that.”

Prince couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Prince was being another chance in life. He vowed to make the best of it and to always keep his temper and attitude in check.