When you were little, God had a plan for your life. He wanted you to become someone great. During this time, He will put trials in your way; trials to strengthen you, trials to test your faith, your perseverance, patience and belief. The Lord never puts something in your way that you cannot handle. He gives you just enough.

Now, when you look at your teachers, you must try to aspire to be like them. Some came from exactly the same situations that you are currently experiencing. They realised their dreams and are now in a position to give back.

Think back to when you first learned to ride a bicycle. First, it seemed very daunting and you probably were scared. You rode for a little bit and then fell off. You probably cried. There was a time you didn’t want to get back onto the bike because you were scared.

Then one day, after many failures, you got onto the bike by yourself. You put your foot slowly onto the one peddle and then onto the next. Then you slowly started to ride the bicycle. After a while, you could ride the bicycle.

Your mother and your father looked on, smiled and were excited for you. You then were able to ride a bike.

The same happens in this life. You fear, you cry, you don’t want to address the issues, you fail. Then one day, you are forced to face the issues head on.

Adults in your life went through the same trials and tribulations, and now they want to help you to realize your dreams. They’ll hold your hand until just the right time, then they’ll let go and have you continue alone on your journey. You will meet others on your journey, some will stay for a short time, others will stay longer. Some will become your best friends and others will fade away. Ultimately, you will have to travel this journey alone.

But God will be on your side. He is the only one that can see to you and make your dreams come true. You will experience so many different emotions on this emotional rollercoaster; some happy, some extremely sad, some angry, some frustrating. But ultimately you will succeed. O

Always keep the faith, intelligence, hope, belief, love, compassion, perseverance and God in your life. Good luck on your journey, good luck on the climb!


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