Life is an extraordinary thing, although it has its ups and downs everybody should feel privileged and blessed to have life. But life, for the most part, is pretty unfair.

It seems a lot of things don’t go my way, therefore I believe life is not fair, and with things such as crime or simply being grounded as a child for something you did not do, life is unfair. If you haven’t experienced the unfairness of life, trust me you will eventually.

I remember when I was in the fifth grade, I was blamed for something I did not do. I was accused of stealing a packet of Doritos at our local supermarket, Pick n Pay, when it was actually my friend who had stolen them. I actually paid for my packet of Doritos.

We were in trouble, both of our mothers were summoned to come and fetch “two criminals”. Thanks to my friend I was grounded for a week. Life isn’t fair because you can get framed for something you did not do.

Life is unfair when some people are filthy rich and some are very poor. Some people are born into very wealthy families and others have very high-paying jobs. Sadly, those born poor are not born that way by choice. Some are poor simply because the whole family is struggling financially. To be honest in order to survive in this world, you need money.

Life not being fair is you not getting what you desire. Some kids want to grow up and be rich but being rich requires a very good education or you must have a lot of talent. Also, you don’t always get the grades you want because the teacher may hate you for no reason at all.

Life not being fair and struggling in life is the very same thing. When I was younger, my beautiful mother always said to me that life isn’t always going to be on my side, and through my personal experiences I’ve found this to be completely true. I honestly believe that if someone thinks life is going to be fair to them, they will be greatly disappointed.

Life isn’t always fair but it’s a learning process; bad things happen to us so we can learn through our mistakes. If I got everything I wanted all the time, I wouldn’t have appreciated life the way it is meant to be.

The choosy side of life has taught me very valuable lessons. It has taught me to be patient, to be strong and no matter how awful the situation may be, I should always keep my head up and just accept life the way it was created.

Happy times is what we all desire. As much as I don’t want to accept this, the bad times also come with the good times, to keep everything balanced. Let us just accept life the way it is and create the best out of it.


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