Most of the time we expect things to change, but we don’t change. Change is something big that we need. I brought change. I grew up with my grandmother who always provided for me but she was suffering because of health and she had to leave me and seek help. I had to provide for myself, that is why I say I brought change in my life.

Many people expect you to always do right but we all know that no one is perfect. That is why you should always do what you think is right for you. When you face the results of your actions you should not blame anyone else.

When I was growing up my mother was not there; she was at her house because she was married, but not to my father. The person I call my father also was not part of my life growing up. I had no idea about him. When I passed Grade 8 my father just appeared. I did not want to reject him because I wanted and needed a father’s love.

Growing up without both parents near you, while you know that you have them, is very difficult, especially when other kids have that special bond with their parents. My parents had chosen not to be with me.

I had only me to guide me. I do what I want in my life, but that does not mean I don’t takes advice from other elders. I like people who always show me the way as I learn from their advice. Growing up for me was difficult, but now it’s better because I can provide for myself.

I’m also grateful that I managed to study until I got my matric certificate and management certificate. I am the one who brought change in my life and that is something that I won’t forget because of all I have worked for.


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