In our country we are facing a crisis of spiritual leaders. We now have prophets who are after money. If a prophet is after money it means that he is not called to lead people. It’s important to identify the called and the uncalled. Followers must check for certain characteristics of their leader.

Characteristics of Called:

1. They don’t convince people to follow them, they don’t give fake testimonies

2. They don’t brag

3. They don’t prove a point to anyone. They gain followers because of their good works

4. They don’t care about being popular

5. They are simple and humble

6. They’re transparent

7. They don’t run after money but they need money for the ministry to go forward

8. They don’t lean on the Bible, they give teachings according to the Holy Spirit

ask God for wisdom, if you pray truthfully God will show you the right path, only God Knows.
Then if your spiritual leader has none of these characteristics then you have to pray to be shown a way.
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