Dreaming sometimes gives us answers that are long awaited. I would say, it’s a sense of relief that I feel when a dream has revealed an answer to a question that I’ve been struggling with. Let me introduce you to Thando, who had a similar dream to the one that I had.

Thando liked to think of himself as a hustler, someone who works hard by any means to achieve his dreams. His dream has always been to become an actor. He entered many competitions in the hope of realising that dream, but none of his attempts were successful.

“Don’t forget to pray my son,” his father said one night before Thando went to bed.

“Why should I pray? It doesn’t help anyway,” he replied as he stomped to his bedroom upstairs.

His father followed him upstairs in an attempt to encourage him but Thando closed the door in his father’s face.

“Open this door,” his father said.

“Dad I’m going to bed, it’s school tomorrow,” he said in an attempt to get his father to leave.

“Did you pray?” His father asked.

“No,” Thando replied stubbornly.

“Look son,” his father started.

“No dad – I’m tired of looking. We’ve spent years of praying and going to church. What do we have to show for that?” he said irritated at his father’s insistence for him to pray.

“Son,” his father tried again.

“No, dad,” he cut his father short and climbed into bed.

“If you want something really badly, you’ve got to have faith. Faith goes with deeds and deeds are the things you’re doing in order to make your dreams a reality. Clearly, you won’t ever become an actor if you don’t pray for the faith to achieve that dream,” his father said.

Thando stayed quiet hoping that his father would believe him to be asleep.

“Look at yourself now,” his father continued, “You give up too easily. Read your Bible once in a while then you’ll find the answers you so desperately seek,” he finished off before walking back to the sitting room downstairs.

Thando woke up in the middle of the night and opened his sports bag, which lay at the foot of his bed. He carried a New Testament Bible in his bag, but he seldom read it. He took out the Bible, strolled back to his bed, switched on his phone’s torchlight and started reading. Thando soon fell asleep while reading his Bible. He dozed off into a dream wherein he was caught in a cage. There was a woman in a robe swaying above his cage. “Here take this,” she said.

Thando stretched out his arm out of the cage and caught the two keys the woman gave him.”

“These might help you,” she said.

Thando used the keys to open the door of the cage he was caught in. The entire time the strange woman swayed in the air above him.

“You are free to do whatever you want to,” she said as he stepped out of the cage. He hesitated a moment before looking all about him.

He then heard a strange voice saying, “Ask, seek and knock.”

Thando didn’t see to whom the voice belonged to and asked, “Who are you?”

“Believe, have faith in good deeds,” the voice continued.

Thando thought that it was one of his father’s pranks to get him to believe in the power of God and became angry, “What do you want from me?” he asked.

“You have to persevere and follow my instructions,” the voice said.

Thando became scared that someone was playing a sick joke on him. “Where am I?” he asked trying to swallow his fear.

“Are you a wise or foolish builder?” The voice asked.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Thando replied carefully.

Before he could think of what to do next, Thando looked down, in his hands was the Bible instead of the two keys.

As he continued reading, he noticed that everything the voice was saying stood written in the bible.

Thando then closed his bible at the end of the verse. He got up and saw that he held the keys in his hands again. In front of him appeared a gate. He opened the gate without hesitation and walked through it. For a moment he was stunned when he saw angels all about and around him and before he knew it he looked at his father who was seated next to him.

Thando looked at his father and his surroundings then back at his father again. He saw that he was in a hospital room. His cousin was standing behind his father looking at him nervously. The doctor came in at that moment. Thando sat up straight as the doctor urged him to drink some water. He saw that his father’s entire church community standing in his room.

“Thank the Lord!” his father exclaimed. “You finally woke up after being in a weeklong dream.”

“Thank the Lord,” his father said over and over while he tried to figure out how he had ended up in hospital. When Thando looked down on his hands, he saw his New Testament Bible nestled between both his hands.

From that day onwards, Thando prayed every day and read his bible as often as he could. Then one day after he and his father finished praying together his father said, “Son, going to church means sharing the word of God. Don’t be greedy with your knowledge, next week we’re going to church. You can share the dream you’ve had for an entire week with all our church members.”

His father then left him to finish his homework. As his father made for the stars Thando ran to him to show him the message, which he had just received. The message read: Congratulations Thando Tima, you’ve made into the top five. You are one of five young South African actors who will be cast in the next SA film. Thank you for your entry.

His father then turned around and said, “Believe and have faith for good deeds will come your way.”


Do you think the same as Thando did about prayer and dreams?