The break of dawn is a sign of hope; a sign of a new day. I feel the sun’s rays touching my skin. I see it reaching out to greet me, and it awakens and lightens up the entire room.

The break of dawn is a time when it begins to grow lighter after a very tiring, and dark night. I am sitting on a rooftop in some village that is only filled with beauty, waterfalls, and mountains in the background. I am sitting here, waiting my share of hope, no matter how small it is. I am also sitting here, counting the stars as they bow down and disappear one after the other as The King, the rising sun, approaches.

Dawn … Start of the morning twilight.

Sunrise … The moment the disc of the sun peeks above the Eastern horizon.

The break of dawn spoke of here is a reference to hope. It is also a reference to the starting of a new day. The sun’s ray touching my skin refers to my body reacting to that hope. The awakening and lighting up that enters room refers to how the hope fills the earth with hope. After what took place the previous day, the sitting on roof-tops in some village refers to a squatter camp, and the fact that it is filled with beauty is the fact that there is nothing beautiful about the place.

Waterfalls and mountains as my background is an imitation of how I want to see the situation because the reality is that the place is dull. There is no vegetation or water here, which is a sign of rejuvenation and refreshment. There is nothing refreshing about this place I am sitting at, and by me saying I am waiting for my share of hope, I am referring to me waiting for change.

By saying that I am counting the stars as they bow down and disappear one after the other, I am referring to all the people that tried to make a change but failed to do so. As The King approaches, the arising sun refers to the ultimate change it means to me, the one that will be bring the hope I am speaking about.


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