There’s no accounting for taste, that’s what he told himself every time he admitted his undying love, not only to himself, but to the world in general. My heart knew no love, knew no hate, it felt nothing. I was a beast blessed with beauty. Even though I tried loving him as he expected me to, the beast inside resisted.

To me it was impossible to accept any love since I’ve been hurt all in the name of love. I still remember the first day we met. Probably the best memory I have. He called me out by my name. It was weird for me because I’m the invisible girl who isn’t recognised most of the time. I turned to look at who was so brave enough to call out to the beast.

There he was standing tall with blue eyes, pink lips and a pale skin that looked like one of a dying person. Hair so silly and blond – just my definition of a perfect guy. He was too perfect for me. Him calling me rose the beast inside me. I felt anger as I have never been approached in such a manner before. It was embarrassing how such a handsome guy would approach a girl as invisible as myself.

The crowd around was looking at me in disgust as the boy eyed by many was approaching a beast. I turned around and left just like the coward I was.

โ€œHow stupid,โ€ I said to myself as I walked away. The innocent girl wanted to go back and give him a kiss just then and there. The beast on the other hand threatened the innocent girl to not even think about it. He kept on provoking the beast within me by sending me letters.

Love notes on my locker. He couldn’t just quit. Regardless of how much the beast couldn’t bear him he never gave up. Even when his friends mocked him, his feelings never changed. Finally, he defeated the beast with his undying love.

The innocent, loving girl was in charge of her body again. She gained her self-esteem and made the decision to overcome whatever fear she had. The fear of the beast within. The beast which knew no love, the beast which felt no pain. She walked up to the guy of her dreams and without saying a word she placed her lips on top of his.

It was as if the earth stopped rotating and everything stood still even those who always had something to say said nothing, they just watched me kissing him. He didn’t kiss me when I decided to leave, he pulled me closer and kissed me passionately and the love that died within me came back to life. Hopefully we will be together without being disturbed by the beast within.


Tell us: What do you think is the beast within?