Sometimes, if you truly love someone very much, there will be other people who will want to see everything going wrong between you two. Those people who always want to see you crying. Those people who would always laugh at you when things are not going well between you and your lover, instead of comforting you by hugging you and telling you that everything is going to be alright. Not even providing you with some possible solutions to resolve the matter between you two.

Some people don’t want to see you happy with your lover. Others just want to see bad things happening to you two.

Other people may even spend their sleepless days and nights spying on you two with an intention of seeing bad things happening so that they can have a laugh and something to gossip about.

People who haven’t found someone to love may even feel jealous that you have found happiness in another. Like you are able to show the true definition of what that four-letter word “LOVE” actually is.

Remember, when people are doing these things in your lives, don’t try to take revenge on them. Instead, just stay calm, continue loving each other like never before or like you two have just met for the first time. Keep the love up until death gets jealous of you two and separates you for the final time.