In a country, there lived a little girl. She liked staring at stars and studied them a lot. Every night she stared at them. One night when the girl looked at the sky, she noticed something was wrong.

There was a strange-looking star she had never seen before. Lightning and thunder formed around the star. She suddenly found herself high up on the star. Her house was quite tiny from high up. She noticed several things, all the stars she stared at each night all close to her. She could also fly around.

She heard wails and cries from the other side of the star and flew quietly to check. Several people were locked in cages with a strange alien with red eyes. He left the star to another star which was dark. When he left she moved closer to the cages. The people were surprised to see her and yelled for her to release them. She could not unlock the cages, the only way to unlock the cage was to kill the alien with a sacred sword. She refused to do this but she could not return home either, it wouldn’t take quite long for the alien to find her.

Taking huge breaths she went to the dark star, she managed to avoid the guards. The alien seemed to be asleep with the sword on his left. Scared and nervous, she walked quietly towards him. When she reached out to take the sword, she accidentally stepped on a cup. It rolled over the floor loudly alerting the alien. She snatched the sword and fled the room. The alien was however faster and stronger. He stopped her and challenged her to a fight.

She knew most of the people in the cave were trained warriors whom he easily defeated. She was just a young little girl, she didn’t even stand a chance. She clutched the sword tightly and tried to block the alien’s attacks. She failed and hit the floor, wincing under the pain and dizzy. She wobbly stood up. The sword started glowing and she was filled with power. She fought better, stronger like a trained warrior. She stabbed the alien in the chest.

He died and the cages opened. The darkness left the star and light appeared. The former prisoners were happy and praised her. She looked down.

She woke up realising that she must have fallen asleep while glancing at the stars. Her mother came to get her inside the house. Before she stepped inside, she looked up wondering if it was only a dream.

The stars twinkled in return forming words in the sky: “Thank you Blewn.”


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