“Wakey, wakey my girl, it’s time to go to school,” said her grandmother. She then bathed and got ready for school. Her grandmother made the porridge she loved and then she took her tablets. She went to school eating an apple on the way, but when she got back from school her face was full of tears. She threw herself on the sofa and screamed, “I hate my life!” cried Thandi.

“Oh, calm down darling, what is wrong?” she asked with her voice down.

“People with my virus should be taken away from others. That is what the doctors who came to school said today.” She said sadly.

“Dear you know that is not the truth, you are like any other girl,” said grandma.

“No! You are not a doctor or a teacher! You know nothing!” she said running to her room and quickly locked her room.

That night she thought of dying or running away. Why is my life so miserable? Why did you give me this sickness, tell me mama? She asked but she got no answer for her many questions. She then called her father and asked him how the sickness caught her.

“Your mother dated many men and she got the sickness. That means you took it from your mother,” said her father.

Her tears then flowed like a river and she dropped the phone down and fell asleep. She woke herself the next morning, bathed and got ready for school. She made porridge and drank her tablets.

“Someone is in a good mood,” said her grandmother surprised.

“Yes, you know granny, no one should see or know that I am positive.” She said.

“Mmm, that’s the spirit.” replied her grandmother.

“Yeah, so I will spread the sickness so that I’m not the only one who has it. Isn’t that a great idea?” she asked.

Her grandmother was shocked.

“No darling. You can’t kill the universe for one ant.” Said her grandmother.

“So I should die alone, huh? By the way, bye before I’m late.”

Her grandmother was confused and worried about her granddaughter. From then Thandi no longer cared about her life and future. She wanted to spread the sickness so that she wouldn’t die alone. Because of her beauty and shape, many boys were interested in her and she got them all. She was then known by the whole school and town and a boy that did not date her was a fool.

She even became a prostitute. She could sleep with more than ten boys a day and that was not good for her health. She could sometimes spend weeks or months without taking any medication. She became thin and always had flu with sores in her throat. She was no longer charming and people said her grandmother was better than her.

Her father was touched when he heard what his daughter had been doing and what condition she was in. Thandi was ashamed of herself and had many regrets. After 6 months she passed away and her grandmother and father was left alone. Sorry for those who have slept with her without protection. Wherever she is, I think she has learnt a lesson even though she can’t get her life back.