When I was young I was going to swim in the river. That was the day that I will never forget because I learned a lesson. It is true that our mistakes are our teachers.

One day I was going to swim in the river far away from my home. It was too hot, it was about 35 degrees and I was very sweaty. When I arrived there I noticed that my friends were already there. There were too many people. Someone came to me and said we must fight. I refused to fight.

My friends said I must fight and that they would help me. I decided to fight because I trusted them. They added fuel to the fire. I went to that boy and punched him; his friends came and beat me. I had sores everywhere and my friends were just laughing at me.

I felt very embarrassed because I had a crush on someone who was there. Other people felt very ashamed of me, I pretended to be okay. I felt very ashamed because there were girls watching that fight.

Since then I trusted no one and I learnt that you must not listen to people who add fuel to fire because you will get hurt.

Too many friends could get you in trouble – I had ten friends. I had seen that others were feeling sorry for me but they were badly influenced by others. You have to plan before doing something and think about the consequences.