Meeting your unexpected long-term goal brings astonishing happiness to many parents. However, what happens when you’re a teenage mother?

Teenage parents stumble through unimaginable challenges with limited finances available, dependent on relatives for financial assistance. However, take into account the paternal parent also has responsibility to support the child, irrespective of whether the family acknowledged or denied the child.

We are human beings. We make mistakes, participating in ventures without thinking about long-term repercussions. We’re also granted opportunity to rectify those mistakes. Parents will be disappointed and humiliated, even consider abandoning you as their treasured daughter, however, not everyone will coldly walk away from you.

Predominantly after birth, women go through some physical changes such as quick weight gain, growth of visible stretch marks, and having a deflected self-esteem. Some women end up categorising themselves as below average beauty, dominated by sorrow and humiliation.

However, what could possibly occur if you began seeing your unexpected long-term goal not as obstacle that will prevent you from completing your studies or present you with limited career opportunities and personal freedom? A choice needs to be made, a choice that will either heighten or disrupt your chances of succeeding in your additional responsibilities.

Also take into consideration that within your community you will come across a panel of people who will shove critics and disrupt your rebounding spirit. Individually we have set goals and values. Avoid the path of abandoning your values because of being incapable of handling pressure and stereotypes associated with being a teenage parent.

Having a child whom you love and who adores you in return, that’s extraordinary. Just turn your face towards the sun, combat your new reality and progressively script an extraordinary future for your child.

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