Once upon a time there were two best friends; a girl named Bagdni and a boy called Mundu. They were in the same class. Mundu was creative and intelligent and Bagdni was quite innocent and calm-hearted. They used to play games and study with each other every day.

Three years passed and they both went out to study but didn’t know that they would meet in the same college. They both were hardworking and helped each other a lot with assignments. After a week since college started, Mundu and Bagdni decided to go for a picnic in the nearby garden. They both didn’t know much about the place, but heard that it was a nice picnic spot and that it wasn’t safe during the night.

There was a rumour that a ‘small but clever brown mouse’ once killed a foolish king there. The king always believed that no one could kill him, not even God, and he was overconfident about that. The villagers were tired of his unjust orders.

One day, the foolish king tried to run after the mouse but it jumped into a deep river. The king couldn’t swim; he suffocated and the villagers arrived there and found the king was dead. The mouse, on the other hand, was a brilliant swimming instructor.

The king wanted to live a long life and he never even once thought a mouse would kill him at such an early age. Years went past and his soul started haunting people at night.

Bagdni and Mundu heard the story but went to the picnic spot anyway. But as they were just two kilometres away, they stared at the road ahead and suddenly their car driver noticed a problem in the engine as the car started jerking until it stalled. They were in a forest and there was no car mechanic nearby, and the driver failed to diagnose the car. Mundu and Bagdni waited inside the car as the driver went to search for a mechanic.

The driver returned at around 5pm without any mechanic with him. Mundu, being a genius and intelligent science student, tried and succeeded in making the car engine work well by using the concepts he had studied. The driver thanked and blessed Mundu for his creative mind and they resumed their journey.

They reached the picnic spot at 7:30pm and the driver convinced both of them to have a visit at the illuminated area only. They decided to have a meal at the restaurant nearby and then went to the garden for a walk.

After five minutes of walking, Mundu noticed a strange noise coming from a quiet but dark area. Bagdni was walking fast and reached six to seven metres far from Mundu, as observed by Mundu himself. Then, Mundu had a quick look back to see if the driver was still behind them but was shocked to see he wasn’t. Mundu was shocked and shouted, “Driver Uncle”. But his voice echoed back. Then he tried to run towards Bagdini, calling her name. But she didn’t stop. He thought that she was unable to hear him.

Then, he heard a horse running towards them but couldn’t see properly as it was dark. Suddenly, he found himself surrounded by three men. Then, one of them tried to snatch the silver chain from his neck but he tried to save it. He started screaming but he was unable to save his chain as there was nobody else in the garden. Something struck him at the back and he fell.

He woke up around 11:45pm and slowly regained his consciousness. He was now bleeding from his forehead and recalled the earlier incident. Then, it struck him that his best friend was also with him and he anxiously started searching for her.

He found her on a bench, laying like she passed out. Without considering his serious injury, Mundu consoled his friend so that she could recover her consciousness. Bagdni opened her eyes and Mundu felt relaxed and hugged her. Bagdini gave him a scarf to cover his forehead. They felt unsafe and then Mundu called the police of that area and after that informed their parents about the incident. After a few minutes, police came there and noted the details of the driver’s car. They found out that the driver was a convicted criminal in their records and the police inspector appreciated Mundu for calling police at the right time.

The police took both of them to a safe place and called a doctor to treat Mundu’s injury.
Mundu and Bagdni thanked the police inspector for their great help and protection to them. The driver was nabbed the following day standing at the taxi rand and he got life imprisonment for his previous crimes too.

“Wake up my son, it’s time to get ready for school,” shouted my mother and I get to know that this is just my night mare and I (Sahaj Sabharwal) get the plot for writing my story.


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