It all started during the summer holidays.

There was a boy named Shelton Dickinson. On the first morning of the summer holidays he received an emotional message from the hospital saying that the medical bills for his father Jerry Dickinson hadn’t been paid for the last few months. Unfortunately his father was sent back home until further notice due to the inability to pay the medical bills.

Shelton flew back home in a hurry to take care of his father. He arrived and found his father laying on his deathbed without a pulse. He had died due to an accidental overdose with an unspecified drug. A few weeks later, his father was buried.

After the funeral, Shelton was trying to adapt to the loss. He had also inherited his father’s belongings. After a while he got a piece job at a restaurant not far from where he lived and this made him feel alive despite the tragedy.

On the first day of his job while he working late, a girl named Alianna Wolfsburg came in and ordered some fast food, their eyes met and they connected. Shelton asked Alianna for her number and soon they became close friends then they became lovers. They both shared wonderful ideas and enjoyable memories.

But Alianna forgot to tell Shelton about her ex-boyfriend and her experiences in the relationship. Soon Kevin Welberg, Alianna’s ex, found out that Alianna had started dating again which filled him with so much jealousy and anger that he threatened to harm her.

Alianna didn’t think about it too much, she was just truly in love with Shelton but then on her twentieth birthday she received a letter from Kevin written in blood, saying “It was never over between us, if I can’t have you neither can he.” Alianna felt threatened so she went to the police to file a report and restrain him from contacting her.

Kevin found out and got angrier so he decided to go and confront Shelton.

One evening he went to Shelton’s work place and cut off the gear brake tubes from Shelton’s car, later that night Shelton was admitted to hospital. He suffered a fractured skull and broken ribs. He was soon pronounced dead.


Tell us: Who do you think is to blame for the ending in this story and why?