There was a short, nice girl by the name of Samantha. She was an overly sensitive chick who had a big crush on the cutest guy in her 12th Grade class. His name was Mike, the cleanest and most wanted guy on the school grounds.

Samantha was so infatuated with him that every single day she dreamt about getting romantically involved with him. From chatting, kissing, cuddling to eventually getting pregnant with his kids and occupying a luxury house somewhere in Dubai or Perth, Australia with him.

Day by day, Samantha would stalk Mike’s Facebook page but she was never his Facebook friend. One day, while she was going through Mike’s old pictures, she accidentally liked one of them without even noticing. The next day Mike confronted her unexpectedly at school.

“Hey beautiful!” He greeted with a soft cool voice.

Samantha turned around and couldn’t believe her eyes. Thank God, he’s finally making a move, she thought, showing an appealing smile.

“Hey Mike, wow! Your uniform looks flattering, you’re blazing boy!” She complemented.

“Thanks Samantha, you’re also looking gorgeous hey,”

Samantha smiled, “Oh thank you… How can I help?”

Mike sat next to Samantha. “Actually, I’m here to ask you something. Do you have a Facebook account?”

“Oh yes…! I do. Why? You want to add me?” She replied superfast.

“Let me guess, your Facebook name is Queen Samantha right?”

For a few seconds, Samantha remained overwhelmed by an awe and deep sense of wonder. Mike had never been friendly like this to her before and the fact that he knew her Facebook name drove her into losing herself to some mysterious powers of happiness.

She cracked a broad smile, “Wow! Yes, that’s me my dear. How do you know?”

“Well you… you liked my first Facebook pic yesterday. A pic I posted 4 years back if I’m not mistaken.”

Samantha was overwhelmed by embarrassment. “Oh really?”

“Yeah, I mean… Yeah you did.”

“Maybe it was someone else I share the name with because yesterday I didn’t login,”

Mike was puzzled. Gosh, why is she lying, I saw her profile picture, it was definitely her. What? She thinks I’m the biggest moron? A young handsome guy with no brains? Damn! I’m disappointed in her, Mike thought.

He gave a thin smile, “Well, if it wasn’t you, then, it must be somebody else. Thank you for your time. Let me get back to finish my assignment.”

“Wait!” Samantha called.


“But if you want me in your friends list, you can give me your Facebook name and I’ll send you a request,”

“No I don’t. Thanks for your kindness,”

Mike went back to his desk. Samantha watched him as he talked and giggled with a crowd of other girls. Her eyes filled with disappointment and anger. And that’s the assignment he’s talking about? She thought.

Later in the evening of that day at 8 .pm., Samantha sat next to her mom at the kitchen table having supper.

“Ever since you returned from school your energy is on the floor, what’s wrong?” Her concerned mom asked.

“Nothing,” she promptly replied as she stood up.

“You have not touched your food, where are you going?”

“To my bedroom, Mrs Officer,” she answered impatiently.

“Don’t ever talk to me like that, I’m not your friend!”

“OK, what?”

“Sit down!” Shouted her mom angrily.

Samantha sat with a long face.

“Tell me what’s wrong?” Her mother asked.

“I said nothing,” she insisted.

“I’m not a child OK, spit it out, or you want me to go to school first thing tomorrow and find out for myself?”

“OK, OK, um… Well, it’s about a boy,”

“Oh you can’t be serious. You are in Grade 12 for heaven’s sake, you can’t be chasing after boys”

“You think I don’t know that?”

“I said don’t talk to me like that!”

Samantha dropped her unpleasant attitude and became polite.

“Sorry, it’s just that there’s this cute guy I like so much at school. I just can’t resist his charms. Unfortunately, he doesn’t feel the same way I feel about him. What should I do to make him like me back?”

“I’m sorry but there’s nothing you can do, you can’t force a man to like you. Just face the truth and move on. You’ll find someone perfect for you when the time is right.”

“What truth? because… Oh, I see now,”

“What?” Her mother demanded.

“Dad left you and you think every man doesn’t truly love? Well, Mike is a different species,”
She left the room, dragging her feet to her bedroom.

“Hey! Come back here damn it!”

“We are done talking, I’ve got serious work to do,” she disappeared into her room.

“What?” Her mom muttered in disbelief.

She walked into her room, locked the door and threw herself on her bed face down. Her phone suddenly beeped.

“Argh!” She grunted, turning around to reach for her phone on the reading table.
Who is it now? she thought.

One new message. She opened it and it was her friend Sandra.

Hey bud, login on your Facebook and go check what your crush just posted. It will freak the hell out of you!

Without hesitation she logged in and went straight to Mike’s page. Boom! Her eyes were greeted by Mike’s new nasty post:

Girls with names that start with “S” and end with “A” are trash! How can you deny what you did argh #bored

“What? 655 comments and 777 shares?” Samantha uttered under her breath in disbelief.

She quickly scrolled down to the comment section and came across the first nasty comment from Mike’s girlfriend, Jessica.

Lol! You can say that again abo Samantha nabo Sandra… Crazy worthless bitches

Mike replied: Yeah babe, as for Samantha, labo ama psycho!

Samantha glared at her phone in disbelief. It was as if she was dreaming. Her hands started shaking.

“How can she spit garbage over my name like this?”

Her breathing rate increased with shock and confusion.

“No… No, this is … this is not real. It’s not happening!”

She stood up from her bed and stood before the mirror. Tears started forming around the corners of her eyes and the next minute her cheeks were wet with tears.

“How can he say that? Am I ugly and useless that I don’t deserve respect?” She asked herself in a breathy voice.

Furiously, she swiftly unlocked her bedroom, opened the door and ran outside like a mad cow, slamming the kitchen door shut as she exited the house. In less than two minutes she was already standing by the busy free highway. Tears blurred her vision as she half-heartedly starred at oncoming traffic.

“This is it, I’m done with this world,” she muttered under her breath.

Minutes later, her twisted breathless body lay crushed in the middle of the road.


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