I remember a time when I had only dreamt of this moment.

I had just matriculated, and was watching my friends and ex-schoolmates rejoice as they branched out to either further their studies or start out working. At that point it dawned on me that the one place I’ve ever wanted to be, I did not qualify to be in.

I then decided to abandon all the fear I had, and I embarked on a journey that saw sacrifice, and I risked things I never thought I would.

Following a series of closed doors and failed attempts to right my previous wrongs, I ended up being “wrong” with myself. Waters flooded in and I became like a sinking ship, resenting and hating myself for the position I felt I had gotten myself into. I became a mess on the verge of breaking down (my family not even realising). I saw the journey ahead of me, it seemed nearly impossible, like trying to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but still I blindly trusted in God. I believed that one day I would reach my destiny. I would rather be unhappy for five years in pursuit of happiness and live in contentment for the rest of my life thereafter.

Today…eight years later, eight years past enduring hard storms and rocky surfaces, I stand atop of the mountain in awe of God and the woman I’ve become.