There are a lot of people out there who think success is an easy journey. People who think that in order for one to make it, one goes through some easy steps. They don’t know that success is a process.

There are people who have spent more than five to ten years to achieve their goals. Others had to go through unimaginable struggles to reach their desired goals. People who do not know that success is a process tend to give up easily when they have not achieved their planned goals. They forget that that’s just only the beginning.

Furthermore, there are even others who think that success is only meant for selected people. They think they can never reach another level even if they work hard.

Here is the thing, know that success is not something one can achieve in a day or overnight. It is something that is done slowly, in weeks or years. Also, you need to be a very courageous person, for success is for the brave, not for the foolish. Success is for hard workers and not for lazy people.

Success does not come from envying or comparing your life to those who are already living their dreams. You need to know that success is a process and the deeper the process, the greater the success.


Tell us: Do you believe that success is a process? Why or why not?