It only takes a smile to make any mother proud of their children. They call it ‘the joys of motherhood’. But does it also include having sleepless nights, wondering where your child is, where you will get food for the next meal, how you will face them when you have to explain how you cannot afford Christmas clothes or why their father left…?
These are the thoughts troubling any woman who struggles to raise children all by themselves.

So how much does it take to bring that smile from their lips? That one that would lead to the most amazing laughter any mother wants to hear. It takes all the energy from you as you struggle to make the most of the little you have for the ones you love. So often than not we opt for easy ways to make a living but hardly bear good for the future.
It only takes one simple but yet regrettable choice. It might be that one night with Harry, alone in his house. Or, that night out with friends, which led to a guy taking you home. Or that one friend who urged you not to be ancient, and mix with the girls. Funny, how that one choice changed your whole life, goals and dreams and there is no one to take responsibility but yourself.

Most teenagers seem to make choices without thinking; they say ‘think before you act’ but most of us do not take heed. Hence, we live to struggle, if not opting for abortion, we try by all means necessary to fend for ourselves and our offspring. Each day comes with its own challenges and all one can do is work and strive to get that smile from the little one as they say thank you…