It is said that success comes in many different ways. If only we strive towards excellence and spend sleepless nights preparing for our exams, and attempt our level best to unlock all the doors of success. Good things come to those who are patient, to those who work hard and never relinquish in their dreams. It is also said that, “there’s no sweet without sweat, no gain without pain”. Pride should be eradicated in our souls for it is a ticket that leads us to a miserable life.

Jealousy is another factor that is misleading our hearts. It is deceptive and jeapordizes our chances to shine like stars in the night sky. I We must escape all sorts of negativity, we must isolate ourselves from negative people, for they are good at digging our graves. We are better off without them, for we don’t need their words of discouragement. As we all know that ‘bad company corrupts good behaviour’. Success needs positive attitudes and people who live like it’s their last day on earth, people who go to bed with satisfaction and wake up with determination.

Poverty is there to motivate us but our choices can determine our journey. Poverty can break us and lead us astray or motivate us towards a successful life. Remember that behind every successful man there’s a story to tell, hardships and challenges he came across. They were there to test his abilities and endurance. So brothers and sisters lets strive towards a better life, let’s put more effort in our goals and visions. We must enlist for help and swallow our pride as the well-known artist by the name of Emtee said, “A person is a person because of others”. We need one another in order to carry our country to the next level, to combat corruption and eliminate drugs in our society.

Baba Nelson Mandela once said that, “education is the most powerful weapon in the world and I have no doubt that education is a common road that everyone takes towards a blissful lifestyle”. Brothers and sisters lets allow perseverance to speak, for it is the mother of success. Let’s allow all the hardships in our journey, for we can turn them into stepping stones towards the journey of success, we may encounter enormous obstacles but with God on our side, we can overcome any darkness. Let’s make our country a better place to stay by striving towards success.

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