Have you ever been caught stealing a candy box? Our parents would reprimand us if we got caught yet that never stopped us from stealing but as one grows up, one tends to change one’s ways.

Everyone has their different viewpoints when it comes to life and our environment,
we might be hatched from the same egg yet have different colours of feathers. Life is life and no one knows what tomorrow holds.

I was once the top knot, I mean one of the best in class and our school, but look at me now, well and I am mending and fixing the torn holes.

I am striving for the best, because, “Dreams delayed are not dreams denied,”

The journey might look long or take long but I will make it and be an example one day, you know why? Because I am a survivor, and survivors never quit. Instead they fight and win.


Tell us: Why is it never too late to dream?