As part of the Reading for Enjoyment Campaign, students at False Bay College college were given five random words and they had to come up with a story. The words were made up of a person, two things, an animal and a verb.


Bird, dreadlocks, firefighter, flower, hop. Written by Zinziswa Ngombane, Zuko Moyo, Anelisa Nomakete, Bongiwe Ziniwele and Ongeziwe Delesile.

There was a guy called Sipho, he was a Rasta with big dreadlocks. He loved skunk and every Friday he would go to the other Rastas at Peertash Hall and hop with other Rastas and skunk. He liked smoking a flower, he called that flower Mary-jane. One day he was high in his room and he heard bird noises outside. He then left the room, leaving the lit stompie of marijuana. The house burned down and community called the fire fighters to come and help with the crisis.


Knife, lawyer, pen, dance, frog

It was on a Saturday night when Zizipho was walking in the streets alone at night. She met a group of gangsters that were hanging around the corner. They robbed her, took her phone and stabbed her with a knife. Then the two of them were familiar in her eyes. She ran to the police station to open a case and the police helped her to find a lawyer. Mr Pule, the lawyer, helped her. He took her for some questioning about the two that were familiar to her. He used a pen to write down her statement that he collected. She won the case and she got her phone back. She was happy, dancing and crying tears of joy. Mr Pule, on his way back home, hit a frog with his car.


Granny, laptop, bird, eating, flowers. Written by Maseti Nwabisa, Mahlatshana Sinothando, Maqwarha Ongezwa, Mpalweni Akhona and Mboniswa Ferlyn

It was on a Saturday morning, when granny just woke up. As she was about to prepare herself for church, she found her laptop lying around full of messages in her inbox. She scrolled through them and then went up to prepare herself for church. She heard the birds singing “twing” “twing” “twing”. Then she looked through the window only to find out the birds were busy smelling the unbearable aroma of flowers. But then suddenly a dark cloud came over and all the birds scattered. Then all of the sudden the birds started changing into bats and started eating, and eating and eating the granny. The bats had a deadly smell after they ate the granny. Then granny screamed and quickly switched off the laptop.


Tap, sea water, doctor, drawing. Written by Phelo, Thimna, Fundile and Chris

It was the 1st of January, after a late night celebration. When I woke up, I went to the tap there was no water. Me, and my friends, decided to go the beach. The increasing heat of the sun was too much so my body couldn’t handle the dehydration, and thirst. So I decided to drink sea water. Then I became very ill that I couldn’t even talk, so I went to consult a doctor. I was so ill I had to draw for the doctor to communicate with her.


Dreadlocks, kissing, camera, rapper, seatbelt. Written by Luyanda Duna, Linda Mgidlana, Anelisa Duba, Sinawo Mayeki and Thembelani Dondolo.

On my way to the club I met this handsome guy with dreadlocks. It was full inside, I couldn’t hear him probably. So he asked me if we can speak privately because it’s kind of noisy inside. We went outside to a quiet place than we chatted. He introduced himself and told me about his life. He was a rapper, who usually performs in schools and at events. He had a camera on him, so he asked me if we can take pictures. I was happy and I started to develop feelings for him. I looked in his eyes and he looked in my eyes and we kissed. He held me tight. It was love at first sight. . .

It was cold so we took his car and went to his place. We were so in love that we forgot to put the seatbelts on. A car just overtook us and it stopped in front of us. He couldn’t break, and an accident happened. It was the end of our relationship because the love of my life died.


Firefighters, car guard, scissors, hop, jersey. Written by Thandokazi, Nwabisa, Zingisa, Lihle and Mzamo.

Once upon a time in the forest, there was a big building of a beautiful house. On the side of the house there were two naughty boys. They were playing with matchsticks; it was a game they loved playing. Then the house started to burn down and the fire fighters arrived. The two boys hoped outside. When one of the two boys jumped out the window, he got stuck by his jersey and the car guard was passing near the building. He came with scissors to cut off the jersey of the boy and the boys were saved.


Chef, paint, key, blackboard. Kholobile Siphokazi, Mihlali Thamsanqa, Mahlati Lukhanyo, Qunta Sive, Mlahlwa Faneleka

Once upon a time there was a chef who was staying alone in his home. This chef was so lonely. One day he went to town; he was going to buy some things for his house. When he arrived at home he didn’t notice that he lost his key. Because he was so sad losing his key, he took paint outside the house and drew somethings on the blackboard so that it can cheer his mind. After this whole time, he got hungry and took some food in his grocery and ate so that he could feel cool. When he was painting he saw a lady who was passing by then he saluted that lady. The lady got interested and wanted to see the paintings. This lady was so lonely too, so they finally found each other. They went to town and got a new key, after that they lived a happy life.


Written by Shosha, Zanele Mbelembele, Ncebakazi Mbizo and Sibongile Shosha

There was a man called Sipho, he was a firefighter. He always smelled a rose every day before he went to put out a fire. But, one day the rose died and he couldn’t go to work but had to because his heart was broken and he ended up dying because of the fire.


Doctor, camera, music, bear Written by Anathi, Asenathi, Amandla, Babalwa and Siyambuka

Once upon a time there was a doctor who was willing to do anything just to heal people’s lives. One day, in his free time, he always played music, catching the teddy bear while he was taking pictures using a camera.


Written by Ntombizandile Hulushe, Nozipho Khwesnini ,Axolile Ompi, Vuyiseka Mdolo

Nozipho was a beautician in the township and she owned a salon. One day she was having two clients and they were busy chatting to each other. Their names were Nelly and Xoli. Xoli was on WhatsApp with her friend Zandile. After chatting on WhatsApp with her friend, she told Nelly what she was chatting about with Zandile.

“Hey, Nelly, Zandile is saying she is with her boyfriend Sipho who lives down the street in no 29 Accordion Street. They are drinking at Sis Bees Tavern.”

The salon lady was curious because Sipho was her boyfriend. She got furious and took her scissors and went out. She got to the tavern and saw Sipho and Zandile sitting together and drinking. She walked straight to Zandile and stabbed her to death.


Written by Ntombizodwa Maseti, Sikelelwa Mandlana, Nonzwakzi Mashalabe, Phumela Sompali, Sikelelwa Dyonashe

Ziyanda was licking ice-cream in sea water while she was reading a book. After that she went to swim but before she got inside the water, she had to throw in a coin because she was a twin. After sometime, she decided to go home. She realised that she only had a taxi-fare and she was not feeling well at the same time. When she got home she went to see the shopkeeper to ask for help to give medicine on credit, because she had no money.


Written by Mihle, Zandisa, Phumla, Lindelwa, Yolanda

James was supposed to go to school, but he fell asleep. He was also a computer programmer and he always wore a green jersey. By the time he was going to school, he forgot his key at home. And when he looked in the mirror, he realised his dreadlocks were not properly dressed or tied. When he got out from the house he was in a rush to go back to school, the taxi accidentally hit him on the back. Luckily enough he was not dead. And then he was admitted into hospital. It’s where he found the love of his life.