Your story begins from the moment you were born till the time you saw it happening. In your mind it’s all that has happened to you or in front of you. It’s all your experiences.

The story began the time you told your mother you wanted more milk. Or daddy touched me there and there. The story began the time you saw a ghost.

At night your story began when you heard the doctor say, “It took us all the time to bring you into this world.”
All the cries, the sweats and the pains to get ready to begin. Start the story. That’s yours. The baby.

The story begins. Hear one saying, “How do I handle that?”
It’s my first time. It’s my first life. Alive. The baby begins the story. Let it unfold. Your story. The story where you’ve been climbing mountains so high trying to see the other side of it.

Light. That’s the story for the climbers. Life. Shout the glory for believers. The story begins; you need to see us, it’s bad. We got to pray. We’ve got to obey till the church comes.

Let it unfold. Look all the way if you have to. Get along with life. Reach the place that it takes the breath away when the spirit is in place. Just in case.

The story began. Headlines at stake. You got to make it to the top list. Heart beats and faints. The story began when I saw angels flying away from the place, word after word singing, “Do you think you can make it without God? Do you really believe you can make it without God?”

Up to the sky they went. Story began. You need to step closer.


Tell us: When do you think your story began?