Every individual on this earth was destined to be successful. The efforts and hard work that put in to succeed is the ladder with extremely high steps. As your feet are climbing the steps, you must have a key with you; the key is education. Education is the best key to open doors of success as Tata Nelson Mandela uttered. We, as individuals, have to make good choices and decision for our success. For each and every step you take, there will be difficulties and challenges that you will encounter. They are not our enemies. They are not to push us down the ladder, but are for us to be able to get fit and strong for success.

One of the best important items to have when climbing the ladder of success is sense of discipline. Most individuals are lacking this tool and are particularly high school learners. You will find that when the teacher is teaching, there would be learners that are talking and are busy playing with their cellphones. Some of them would not even bother to attend particular classes and would be smoking. It shows that such people are not ready to be in the ladder of success.

As a high school learner you must associate with pupils who want to climb the ladder of success, have that hunger and eagerness of being in the ladder of success. It is what is required of any learner. Above all, do not forget to have God on your side, without him it is extremely impossible to succeed. He is the source of everything; you must put Him first in everything you do. Remember to obey His words; you must meditate on His word day and night and whatever you do shall prosper.

The ladder of success is basically having items with you when climbing up. You cannot make it without these items. It is very important to obey your parent; they are where God speaks to us. Remember our parents also went through problems that we are going through. A parent is not only your mother and your father at home, it is anybody that is much older than you and offers you any valuable material you can use for your success. Your teacher is also your parent. When a teacher is speaking to you as a learner, treat him or her as your mother or father with respect.

The kind of behavior you display at school to your teachers is the reflection of the behavior you display at home to your parents. As one of the teachers at East London Secondary School saved learners is the advertisement of his or her own parent. If you disrespect a teacher and you don’t obey his or her instruction, you are limiting your chances of success. When our parents send us to school, they actually want us to have a better tomorrow than they did and not make the same mistakes, they have made in the past. All these processes of reaching success are important. They are the only key to open the doors when you have reached high above the ladder of success.

Remember each and everything you do in life, you are doing it for your own purpose. The marks that you are obtaining at school are not to impress your teacher but for your own benefit. If we work hard at school and let go of whatever nonsense we shall succeed.


Tell us what you think: What do you think is needed to succeed?