What is stargazing? To some it’s merely just looking at the stars, just gazing up into the night sky and looking at what there is. Now for others we shall use the word astrophile. The term astrophile is given to someone who loves the stars.

I myself being someone who loves the stars can guarantee that for us stargazing is not just looking at the stars. To us, the stars hold a greater value than most can imagine. Stars are seen as the light in our lives, a ray of hope. It shows us that we will never be alone no matter how dark it gets. No matter what trouble befalls us they will always be there to remind us of people who have left us, but their presence is still felt by us, whether or not we see them.

Through the years I have found that there is more to the stars than what the eye sees. Scientifically speaking, a star is a luminous ball of gas, mostly hydrogen and helium, held together by its own gravitational force.

However, in literature a star is described in a much deeper manner. Stars are linked to love, to life and to people. Poets usually love comparing the stars to their loved one, be it to their unattainable love or to their lost love. It is not crazy that people who are away from their loved one tend to be more “attached” or “drawn” to the stars. They usually talk to the stars imagining it to be their lost love. I have read a lot about this and have, in some way, most certainly experienced the same. Love stories do exist wherein the only kind of communication that two people share is just through the stars.


Tell us: Do you or anyone you know, love the stars? Why?