Feeling unsafe or in danger in your community is not a good thing – it can make you feel like an outsider. It is never good for another person to tell you what you must do in your community, except if it is based on things like global warming. Some people judge others, they are threatening, maybe they want you to do something, and you are not against that thing.

One day, while I was walking down the street, there came a man who looked so scary. He said he wanted me to steal money from my home, or else something would happen to me or to my family. I told him I would not do that, because I had never done something like that before. He pushed me away and insulted my mother, I insulted him back and I ran away. He followed me, holding a big knife in one hand.

I ran towards the street like a person who has mental problems. When I arrived home, my heart was beating so fast. My mother asked me what was going on, I didn’t answer her, I locked the door and closed the windows. She stopped me and I shouted that there was a scary man following me.

He didn’t arrive immediately. After some time went by, there was a knock. I started to shake, it was as if I had been put in a deep freezer.

My mother again asked me what was going on. I told her there was a man who was after me. I did not know why he was doing this to me, there were plenty of people outside, but he chose to threaten me out of all of them. It ended then.

She cuddled me, and said, “Don’t worry my child, I will tell your brother, and he will solve it very fast.” I went to my room. She opened the door, and I could hear that the voice talking was the man’s voice. I was twisting myself, and I did not even know what I should do. This man was hurting my mother.

I left the room and went to them. That day was like my last day. When I got out of the house I looked at the man, it was him. I struggled with him, and he punched me.