My country is one special country in the whole world, it is a unique country. Well, let me start by its name, it is South Africa. Yes, I know what you’re thinking and wondering. You are busy asking yourself, “Is that a name of a country?” Well yes, it is.

Let me tell you where this name comes from. First, you need to know that my country is in Africa. It is on the tip of Southern Africa, so by its location, it is named South Africa. My country is full of different cultures, customs, heritages and everything you could ever imagine.

It has nine provinces, eleven official languages, and two Nobel Peace Prize winners and one of them is from the streets. Oh, that is one country. It is the first African country to host a football, rugby and cricket world cup. How amazing is that?

I call it ‘Uni-Versity’ simply because of its uniqueness, diversity and unity. ‘Uni-Versity’, united regardless of diversity. My country is one of a kind. Just like any other country, it has bad things that I don’t wish to tell you about because I like to tell good stories, not bad stories.

South Africa is my home; it is where my heart is. It carries hope, and just like any other home I would fight any threat to it, whether domestic or international. Just like our struggle heroes and heroines who fought for freedom, I would fight for peace and a corruption-free South Africa. I would never ever run away from my country because of the problems or challenges it currently faces.

I love and appreciate my country. It has lots of stories that are not yet told. Lots of scenes and sights are breath-taking, and waiting for you to explore and see them. Come to South Africa and see for yourself. Come and see everything you wish to see. Learn more about different cultures and their way of living. We are waiting for you.


Tell us: Have you travelled outside of South Africa? Where did you go and how was it?