Never give up in life. I know you have power and I know that you can do it. Why don’t you do it now, so when you fall down you’ll stand up and spread your wings and fly high like a bird or falcon.

When you feel in the mood rise up and cleanse yourself and shine. For you were born to shine, so shine and twinkle like a star, surely the world will realise the natural clamour in you.

When the world seems to be dark don’t lie all over and be stuck in the darkness. Revive the light within you, it is that light that will keep you going. Never look back because you may stumble. Don’t shake and crumble everything, your gender doesn’t count, your physical condition doesn’t count. You may be disabled, but your mind is able.

When the situation gets too tough, be tougher than the situation, stand tall against all odds. You’re the master-mind of your destiny. Disappointment is a part of struggle. Never give up until you achieve everything that you want in life.


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