It’s been months, and things haven’t been going well between Sne and I. I pretended that everything was fine, but I felt as if life was punishing me. I then decided to go to my friend Sizwe.

When I arrived at his house I greeted him and went in. As I sat down he asked me how I was doing. I told him that Sne had left me a couple of month before. I told him I wanted her back and that I wanted to bewitch her. He was shocked to hear what I had planned to do. I told him not to act all surprised because he knew how stubborn she was. He also knew that she wasn’t ready to move back in with me. I told him that I had no choice but to do that. ‘

“Luther, you are the cause of all this, you didn’t have time for her. Sometimes you came home late. I saw the way you used to claim that you were busy with work, and now you want to put a spell on her! You are not a man.” Sizwe said.

I asked him what kind of friend he was for not supporting my idea. I expected him to be on board and motivate me even more. I told him that I didn’t need friends like him and left.

I decided to go to a sangoma to find a spell that would change everything that was wrong in my life and bring my wife back to me. When I arrived at the traditional healer’s place, I already had a few questions that I wanted to ask. I told him about the situation with my wife and asked what he recommended for me in order to get her back. ‘

“Oh makhosi, nangu, bamba lomthatshana owushevu uwufake ekudleni kwakhe,” the healer said.

I then paid the old man two R250 for that spell and made my way back home.

I didn’t feel good about what I was about to do, but what else was I supposed to do? I wanted my wife back. I was tired of being single and sleeping my emotions away every day. I then phoned Sne and invited her over for dinner. I told her that the dinner was a means for me to apologise for everything that I had done to her. She refused my offer. I begged her to come and told her that I had prepared everything for dinner already, and that it would be a waste if she didn’t join me. Eventually I convinced her and she accepted my dinner invitation.

It didn’t take long for her to get to the house. When she arrived I opened the door and led her to the middle of the room, where the table and chairs were set up. I then offered her a glass of wine, but she told me that she had to go to the bathroom first. I followed her to the bathroom but turned into my bedroom to get the muti.

The spell was in a small glass bottle called UmaQondana, which I tucked into my blazer’s pocket before she came back. She was in the bathroom for some time so I asked her what she was doing in there. She told me that she was only powdering her nose and asked me to dish up while she finished. When she came out of the bathroom she asked me when I had learned how to cook. I replied by telling her it was my way of apologising and spoiling her. She had no idea what I really had planned for her so I decided not to use the muti on her. I figured that since she came when I asked her to, there was no need to bewitch her.

I was determined to see my plan through and nothing was going to stop me. I had come too far to give up on my marriage. She complimented me on the food as I served her plate. After she had the first mouthful, she told me what a good cook I was. She saw right through me. She told me that she knew why I had invited her. She knew that I wanted her back and told me that that wasn’t going to happen. I smiled and looked at her. I told her that I just wanted to apologise, that my inviting her over for dinner had nothing to do with me wanting her back. She gave me the opportunity to apologise and to ask for her forgiveness. She accepted my apology and told me that I was forgiven.

I then asked her to pass me the bottle of wine. She jokingly asked me if I were trying to get her drunk and I just laughed.

I was holding the muti bottle in my one hand as she passed me the wine bottle in my other. She saw that I was holding something and asked me what it was. I told her that it was nothing, that there was nothing to worry about. I then decided to put it away, but as soon as it was about to reach my pocket she caught me. She became angry and grabbed the bottle out of my hand and read what the label on it said. She became even angrier than she was before and slapped me across the cheek.

She demanded to know how I could possibly think of doing something like that to her. I just stood there stunned. She proceeded and told me that she loved me, but that I would never change. She wanted a divorce and made me understand that there was no chance of her ever moving back in with me.

I tried to explain, but it was too late she had already caught me out, but I still tried. Sne told me that I had thought of ruining her life and that that was unforgivable. I tried telling her that that was my plan, but that I hadn’t planned on going through with it. I begged her to stay and finish our dinner, but she smashed the plates against the wall with food and all before storming out the front door. As the door closed with a loud bang, I realised that I had lost her forever.


Tell us what you think: Would you ever give someone muti to try to make them love you? Why? Why not?