I’m me; Elekanyani Tshauba. There is only one of me in this planet, so I have features that distinguish me from everyone else. Now, if anyone were to ask me what makes me special, I’d probably take a while to reply. But I guess my most striking features of my personality is my determination and being down to earth.

Many of my friends know how much determination I have. If I have a goal, I would do everything I can to reach it. If it’s an easy goal, I might not put as much attention into it, but if it’s a difficult idea, I’d work hard for it. That wraps into my determination. One of my friends love to tell me that my determination is actually me being very stubborn. I suppose that is true, in some ways, as it sometimes takes so many people to convince me to do something.

The ‘special’ thing that I take a lot of pride in, though, is how down to earth I am. I love the fact that I’m down to earth, as ironic as that may sound. But I think that being down to earth is what makes me so unique. I don’t mind being down to earth, and in fact, I’m glad that I am. If I wasn’t such an oddball, then I wouldn’t be who I am.

So those are the factors that make me extraordinary, and I am proud to say that I am a stubborn and peculiar person.