Just because they act nice to your face does not mean that they are your friends. Just because you attend the same classes at college does not mean that they are your trusted classmates. You have to learn to differentiate between a classmate and a real friend. There are some people who would only act nice to your face because of what they can get from you.

Some people can only be your best friends in person all because of the help they can get from you. And when that help is all gone, that’s where you realise that they were not in your life because of the element of being your friend but the good thing you were doing for them.

You have to take those people who you call friends seriously and don’t let other people use you for their own personal gains. Know that a real friend is the one who is visible in all situations of your life. This includes in both cloudy and rainbow days. When your days are shining and when your days are cold as well.

When you notice that your friends are only around when they need something else from you, don’t waste your time to continue sticking to them. Know that those are not friends you can put all your trust in. Just let them be in the way they are because your friends are the ones who show up.

In addition to that, you have to know that other people will fake it and be very nice to you until they gain trust in you to use you like their pot. Such people are the ones who know that they can manipulate your mind to benefit from you. Remember, such are the kind of people that can use you to capitalise your life for their own good. And they can never dare to come to your rescue when you are experiencing social problems.

I understand that there are people who only come to you when they only need information about a certain thing. This includes surveys, job opportunities, notes from assignments or examinations, to help them find a family, borrow them money and other things. And once they have been assisted by you, they abandon you for good. So be careful of whom you call a friend and put your trust in. Let God be your own friend for he never leaves you in any of your circumstances and there is no other friend like him.


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