This moment of isolation got me thinking about so many things and reflecting about my life in so many different angles.

There’s something about solitude that is breath-taking. Some may think you are bored or maybe lonely, but the fact is you get to think straight without being interrupted by negative energies from the naysayers.

You get to live your best life, which is mostly spent in your imagination. You get to make the best decisions, aspirations and affirmations that you weren’t probably going to live by, if your world revolved around you.

You get to meet the real you, the one you have been running from all your life. Everything becomes so simple and less depressing. You are not deprived or restricted to be at your happiest. Solitude is life and no matter how outgoing you are, you get to a certain point where you just want to be by yourself. So enjoy this little maybe once in a lifetime opportunity whilst you still can and make the best out of it.


Tell us: Do you see this lockdown as a blessing in disguise?