Social media has made the world cruel and careless. I want to relate my statement about the recent incident of Makhadzi, a famous singer. Society is so fixed on making women perfect that when Makhadzi showed something that is real and natural, people felt attacked. The way women are perceived is unrealistic. Woman-on-woman hate is worse than the pandemic we are currently faced with. Is it insecurity, self-hate, or jealousy? What has become of humanity?

This ‘Barbie Doll’ brainwashed female society we have today has many females feeling inferior when in actual fact they are superior in nature. We have a long way to go if we still find fault with our natural beings. A lot of women are insecure, and they try their best to console themselves by finding fault in others. The definition of beauty that media keeps feeding us has clearly messed up the minds of a lot of females. It is as if when you don’t meet its standards, you do not fit in the society. Now there are two big questions we need to answer as a society, the first being ‘why do women feel insecure?’ and the second being ‘who makes women feel insecure?’

I believe that if we continue like this then women will destroy each other all on their own. Women need to realise that beauty takes many forms, there’s no fixed idea of what beauty is. Women need to embrace themselves for who they are and not what society says they should be. Women need to learn to love themselves and be comfortable in their own skin, complexion, features and individuality. You are what you choose to be, be kind to yourself ‘cause no one will love you the way you can.

Be you. You do not have to be apologetic for the way that you look. Every part of you is beautiful. Believe it and embrace it. Continue being the queen that you are. Keep shining, for you are a star full of purpose.

Tell us: Why is beauty so important to society?