I’m living proof that small things count for something. For me that small thing was a blessing; it was magic.

It was December – summer time – and people were on holiday enjoying the festive season.
I remember it like it was yesterday. My friend, David gave me a white puppy that came with advice. He told me, “If you want loyalty get yourself a dog.”
I asked David what it meant. He said, “In life it’s safer to put hope and trust in animals rather than in mankind. Dogs are loyal unlike people. They have souls. We might not understand their language but it doesn’t mean they don’t feel. And they will stick by you whatever happens.”

My life changed the day I took that puppy home with me and raised it as my new family friend. I decided to name her “white”, because of her colour and her black ears. She is a Jack Russell and she’s very intelligent. She is friendly by nature and defensive of her loved ones. She is my body guard and part of the family now. As a family we laugh at how busy she keeps us. She introduces us to the animal world every day and helps us to learn and understand the way she is living.
We rarely get sleep now because of her barking. When she hears something wrong out side she barks to give us a signal that there is an intruder inside our premises. In the animal kingdom it’s all about respect and territory.
If you don’t show her love she can become disobedient. She is a wild dog, that’s one thing for sure, but we are trying to train her. And she needs to learn that, “you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

Having her has been a great experience thus far. She has been a real gift. What David did was a real act of kindness. It was a small thing but it meant everything to me. That is why the gift was so special. Small acts of kindness are not actually small if they mean something to you; that is why the gift was so special.

Everything has a purpose and small things count for so much – all the time.