I am Amahle Mchunu, a 13 year-old girl who gains another year on October 25th. I use my strength and abilities as tools of making good decisions. I’m a girl but that doesn’t bother me.

Whenever I want something I tell my dad. Trust me he’s the best, he allows me to do everything I want to do. Sometimes I think he’s a bit too soft or maybe he is trying to show me love so that I cannot chase after boys? Ohh! Poor him. Life is a long journey but it can also be short for others. No one can predict future and that’s my main reason for chasing my goals at an early age.

I like writing poems because they make me think. I’m so intelligent when it comes to using words and being taken for granted is my worst nightmare. I like to think about the future, my parents, my family and most especially think about the most important person in my life. Some of you will say I didn’t count my friends, relax they count as family.

This special someone has amazing features, he has this dirty and loving heart. Surprising right? He’s also kind, intelligent, cute, handsome, a dark beauty and he is my cup of coffee because he is all I need when I feel cold. You probably think we have dirty minds. I’m imperfect and he’s imperfect but together we know that we are perfect. Two little people who fell in love with each other and even now are still dancing to the same tune.

My mom saw us standing together the other day and I’m still waiting for her to talk about it. Well I don’t LIKE him I LOVE him. My mom better understand, I so wish she would.

I’m a teenager and controlling me is a very difficult task as I like having fun and receiving love. Trust me I can also give love – it’s a 50\50 situation. I love my life and that’s why I don’t think I’ll change it.


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