Once in a country called Liberia; there lived citizens that were unsatisfied, selfish and had no love for their country. They felt that they could live better lives in other countries.

Citizens of Liberia used to criticize their own country, and even deny that they were born in Liberia. The government officials and other wealthy people would prefer taking their families to live in other countries. The government used to make decisions that would benefit them only, and if they noticed that they were supposed to a make certain decision that will not benefit them, they would not make that decision, because they don’t believe in legacy.

The whole country was unstable, no one was thinking about development or a better future for the country. They were all thinking about stealing the country’s money to live better lives in different countries. Because of that, some of the Liberian citizens decided to go to Libya to live a better life and to make some money to sustain their families. But unfortunately, when they got there, the Libyans started mistreating them, they turned them into prostitutes, making sex videos out of them, abusing them sexually and killing them like animals.

They would cut their heads off or cut some parts of their bodies and make them eat it. It was so horrible and painful. The government of other countries provided help for the citizens that where being mistreated in Libya. They negotiated with the Libyan government and brought the citizens home, but our Liberian brothers and sisters are still out there in Libya with no help. What is our government doing to help them? Why are they turning a blind eye to what’s going on with their citizens?