My name is Clement and my friends call me all the silly names that I hate. And most of them are bullies. When they bully me, which is bad, it seems like they’ve been told by my enemies and the things I love most seem to fade away.

I grew up in a poor but happy family. When you see those fake smiles on our faces they make you think everything is fine and cool, whereas in actual fact we’re not cool at all. We hide those awful feelings. Most of them were lies said by people who think they are smart by laughing at a person suffering.

I’m confused I don’t know what to do or say I’m speechless I just want to be alone because being friends with people that undermine you feels more anxious. I live in a RDP house in a township called Daveyton where silly things happen. I have elder brothers who live on their own. At home it’s just my father, mom and I.

My father was obsessed with other women and my mother knew that dad wouldn’t just live without cheating. My mother caught them kissing and she was shocked. Mom came early from the clinic because there was a go-slow. The next day after a long argument between the both of them, my father kicked my mother out of the house while I was at school. It was so hurting to think that that’s how fathers react when love is over.