Sometimes silence is good when you avoid unnecessary arguments or fights. When you are alone, silence can give you peace of mind. But when you have unfinished business with someone and that person just keeps quiet, no text, no phone calls, he/she is just silent and you don’t know what to do, you text, they blue tick you.

You finally decide to call just so that you know where you stand but they don’t pick up your call and that hurts. A lot of questions are running through your mind but you don’t have the answers and the only person who has all the answers you need is not responding to your text and worst of all they’re not even answering your calls.

Then you realise that you never meant anything to them as they meant to you or the person is not brave enough to tell you that you are no longer needed in their life. All you do is wish that you knew what went wrong.

As days go by you start losing the feelings you had and move on, though it’s hard at first, but it will get better with time and you hope that they won’t come back because you have come too far to go back to the same person who hurt you. You live your life with people who love and show you that they want you in their lives.


Tell us: Have you ever been left on read and ignored by someone you loved?